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Just like a drop of water expands outwards, so do your thoughts, dreams, and aspirations. Being able to analyze those thoughts and bring them to fruition is your birth right. This is something that your soul wants you to do. It wants you to open your mind to the possibility that you can have the life of your dreams.

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Take control of the reins! Take the bull by the horns! Whatever analogy you want to use is okay. Stepping up to the plate,(there is another analogy) is the first step of taking control of your life. It is allowing yourself to get in the game! Instead of standing on the sidelines, wishing you were a part of the fun. It is empowering yourself to say; "I am ready to take control of my life, because I know I am worth the effort!" 

**Oh yes my friend, you are definitely worth the effort!** 

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Can you think of a moment in your life that you wished you would have done something? How about that moment when you could have done something, but did nothing? Now you might be thinking of the moment you should have done something. Well,let us forget about all those regrets, shall we? Now is the time to talk about what you want to do today! Living your life to the fullest is something that you can do right this minute, if you chose. The "would've - could've - should've", can be a thing of the past. Let us stop talking about all the things you would like to do in your life, let us start your journey to fulfillment

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Your Greatest Self.


Ask yourself this, Who am I? Really sit and think about that one little question. Can you remember who you truly are? Would you like to rediscover who you are? The person you are meant to be is no accident.You are put on this earth, at this time, for a reason. Let me help you rediscover your greatest self. It would truly be a honor, because that is my purpose. To see, feel, and experience your WIN in life!!




  • Do you feel lost or stuck?

  • Have you forgotten who you truly are?

  • Have you forgotten how to enjoy life? 

  • Are you allowing fear or insecurities stop you from living the life you deserve? 

It is time to take your life back.​

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Kathy Klicker CFC, MSLC.

Contact me! 309.397.4129



I have known Kathy for over 20 years. She always has a smile and a hello. She is dedicated and dependable and wise beyond her years. Kathy is very knowledgeable on numerous subjects and on the rare occasion she doesn't have the answer, she will find it and get back to you.

Linda T.



Kathy is a one of kind individual who's energy is like no other. If you're lucky enough to come in contact with Kathy, then you're lucky enough to know that you have a life long loyal and honest friend. Someone like Kathy only comes along once in a lifetime. I'm thankful and honored to call her my friend.

Errin O.


I have known Kathy for 14 yrs professionally and the last 5 yrs I feel like I have gotten to know her personally. I have seen her evolve into a very caring person who wants to help people however she can. I confided in her about an issue I had of letting go of resentment and she challenged me with an exercise that I still use when those feelings start to fester in me and it really works. She is very insightful and I know will be helpful to many people.

Jana A.




I have worked with Kathy for over 15 years. There has hardly been a day that she wasn't one of the first & most cheerful faces to greet me in the morning. Always at the ready with a positive comment or a lighthearted quick witted snippet. I would say Kathy is  the quintessential people person; seeing people happy makes her happy and you can see it light up her very soul when you talk to her. She is without a doubt one of the most genuine and caring people I have had the absolute pleasure to know in this lifetime.

Angi M.

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