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Meet the Coach

About five years ago I came to a baffling conclusion. Allow me to explain; I am a wife to a wonderfully supportive husband of 27 yrs. A mother of 2 terrific boys, plus a stepmom to 2 more terrific boys. I have been working for a great company for 26 years. So you might be wondering, with all this wonderful, terrific, and greatness in my life, what could possibly have been missing? To my surprise, it was me! In my quest to find myself, many realizations were brought to the surface. One of those realizations was; My true purpose in life is to help people. This is something that I truly love doing. No matter what their ventures are, I love helping people succeed in LIFE.


Kathy Klicker CLC, MSLC.

Kathy Klicker CLC, MSLC.

Master Spirit Life Coach,  Certified Fulfillment Coach (ICF)

Founder & President of Journey to Fulfillment LLC

Certified and recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Affiliated with the Certified Coaches Alliance.(CCA) 

Designated Fulfillment Coach, Life Coach

Designated Master Spirit Life Coach

Owner of Journey to Fulfillment LLC est. 2018

Be on the lookout for my upcoming book - The Bucket of Woe.

The Bucket of Woe is in the editing stages, but should be ready to roll out within the year. I consider this book to be an Inspirational Memoir, to be used to inspire, empower, and enlighten all who read it. It is a history of my early years as a child and teenager, touching base on some of the trials and tribulations of my childhood like; mental, sexual, and physical abuse. This is where the Bucket of Woe came into fruition. Looking at the Bucket as my soul, and the woes that were holding me back in my life. It then goes into the steps I took to clean out the bucket, so my soul was free.  I hope that anybody that reads it, will be able to use the same process of cleaning out their own Bucket of Woe. Stay tuned... I will let you know when it is in print! I am very excited about it!!

I have met a handful of people in my lifetime who can reflect inwardly, confront themselves honestly, and identify the role they played in their unhappy life. Kathy is one of those few people who did just that. And she didn't stop there. She found a way to let it go, re-aim the arrow, and truly flourish. She's done so well, in fact, she's decided to help others!

It's the "reflection" that many people are missing. They go through life being patronized, and seeking answers they want to hear from the people who will confirm their fictions - all the while, holding them back.

Kathy has been coaching me for several months now and really helps me realize the truths that are right in front of me, but are hard to see sometimes. She's the mirror reflecting it all back to me, showing me what I look and sound like. Ultimately, it's this perspective that has helped me the most.

Kathy knows how to listen, ascribe worth, call BS, and guide you through challenges, helping you achieve that one thing you just can't  seem to do on your own (or don't think you can do!) She's kind and caring, and though she may not have the exact answers to all your questions, she can certainly help you figure them out and work with you identifying a pathway to success.

Vince B.​



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